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Monday, May 6, 2013

Daisies: Pink (Rose) Petal

We've covered the dark green petal for Using Resources Wisely and I had to figure out something to come up with that wasn't environment-specific, necessarily, but would fit into Making the World a Better Place, for our pink petal.

After our initial activities (Kaper, Pledge, Promise, etc.), I had them gather into groups to work on this first bit.

We talked about how "caring for" can mean taking care of, or showing care (kindness, consideration, etc.) towards others. The girls brainstormed ways they can help care for the world around them.

After snack, we worked on some coloring pages for the Color-A-Smile organization. They provide the coloring page templates and your girls color them, then you mail them in to the organization, and they distribute the pages to nursing homes, VA hospitals, Meals on Wheels programs, etc. It's truly a wonderful organization!

Here are the pages we colored. I made sure the girls only wrote their first names, for privacy's sake:

We talked about how the simplest thing, like smiling at someone -- or coloring a picture for a strangers -- can help brighten a day and Make the World a Better Place!

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