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Monday, May 6, 2013

Daisies: Violet Petal

Our last petal! Hooray!

Here's what we did:

Before the meeting, I'd spoken with a friend of mine who is a fellow Daisy leader, and lives across country. I got her troop number and address, and the number of girls so we had enough for them all.

Then I created "All About Us" handouts (which I'm not posting here, because they are very detailed about our troop, our service unit, and the area in which we live) for the girls to fill out. I got stickers with our Council name on them for the girls to include in the things they were making for the other troop.

And once our meeting started, we talked about the violet petal and what makes someone a sister. The girls were great. They offered up many suggestions, like if you have the same parents, or live in the same house, but we talked about things like step-families, and people who are not technically related to you, but are still considered part of your family.

We talked about how families love each other, they support each other, they stand up for and accept each other, too. And that it didn't matter if your family was near or far, they were still family. And that in Girl Scouts, we were family. We were all sisters.

The girls had a great time filling in their All About Us pages (which included a spot for them to draw or write their favorite thing about where we live), then had a snack.

After snack, we gave them construction paper and let them make special greeting cards for their sister troop way across the country.

And a few days later, I mailed it all off! We'll be excited to see what the other troop thinks of it. :)


  1. Hi! Do you have a copy of a blank "All About Us" sheet you created? If so, would you mind emailing to dmwilcox126@hotmail.com

    Thanks so much

  2. Deanna, I'm afraid I'm unable to share any identifying information, because of privacy restrictions. However, you can easily make your own All About Us sheet! :)

    Ours went something like this (I've simply put blanks where identifying information was):

    Troop _______ – All About Us!

    My name is ___________________________________________________.

    I am _______ years old.

    I am part of a Girl Scout Daisy Troop! We are first graders at ____________ Elementary. Our school's mascot is a ___________________.

    We live in _____________ (city), in ___________ (state), and have _______ (#) girls in our troop.

    Our troop is part of a service unit called ______________, which means “_____________.”

    (An interesting fact about where we live went here)

    Here is my favorite thing about where I live (color or write):

    (with a big blank area underneath for each girl to describe her favorite thing)

  3. how did you get a sister troop across the country?

    1. A friend of mine is a troop leader and lives far away from us. There are many groups online for leaders (Facebook, forums, etc.), but you can always contact another council and ask them if there's a troop that would be interested in doing something like this. But you don't have to reach out across the country. Ask in your service unit if there's another troop that would want to do something with your troop!


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