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Monday, May 6, 2013

Daisies: Petal Review

It's our next-to-last meeting and time for a petal review!

I cut construction paper into petal shapes and wrote the aspects of the Girl Scout Law on them, according to how many girls I expected at the meeting (you can adjust as needed for your troop). We cleared the tables and sat on the floor, in a circle, with me holding the Promise center.

Each girl had a petal and we went around the circle, with each girl giving an example of fulfilling the aspect of the Law that her petal represented.

We had snack, and then made friendship necklaces out of beads (Melissa & Doug has some great sets of wooden beads. These are what we used, but there are many other sets that are super cute), and I bought extra waxed cotton strands in the craft section at Walmart).

And lastly, we colored these pages:

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