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Monday, April 1, 2013

Brownies & Daisies: Cookies Part Three--Arrival and Delivery

Once your cookies have arrived, organize a time for your Cookie Mom/Co-Leader to meet to pick up the cookies from your Service Unit. The sooner the better! Be sure that ALL of your parents know well in advance when cookie pick-up day will be, as well as what their totals due are.

Make sure wherever the cookies are to be stored has air conditioning and is enclosed so no pets/children have access. Remember that even in cold weather months, chocolate can melt if it's left in a sunny window or car.

You will likely need:
- sticky-notes
- pencils/pens
- calculator
- list of prices per box
- initial order list, including $$ totals due
- list of booth order cookies (if you ordered extras for a booth, and/or for add-on orders)

Be sure to set aside your Booth sale cookies immediately. That way if you have parents picking up cookies and asking (yay!) if they can pick up an extra box of Thin Mints, etc., then you will be able to keep a running list of how it affects your Booth inventory. And then once all the cookies have been picked up, you will have a good idea of whether you need to go to your Council's Cookie Cupboard for more.

Organize the rest of the cookies so that each girl's order is organized and ready for her parents.

Make each parent recount with you when s/he comes to pick up the cookies. Both of you should sign a receipt. In our troop, I made the parents write the troop a check for the total of their cookie orders. They post-dated it for the Friday before the date our Council started debiting money from our account. That gave the parents plenty of time to deliver the cookies, and helped reduce the time and confusion among the troop that otherwise would've been spent collecting money in bits and pieces along the way.

And it allowed parents to deliver at their own pace, as well. It also prevents any issues of parents not paying for cookies they ordered (unless a check bounces, but you can take that up with your local Council. There should be information detailing all this in your Cookie Training packet).

While some people call before delivering cookies, we just went around the neighborhood at the same time as we'd taken orders, and anyone who wasn't home got a note in their mailbox:

Everyone else got emails, PMs on Facebook, etc., and phone calls until finally all the cookies were gone! Don't forget to take change with you when you deliver. :)

Remember, if you have to ship any cookies, make sure to protect them well with bubblewrap, and label them well (fragile, perishable, do not heat, etc.).

Once your cookie sales are complete, be sure to double check all you incentive count and orders and make sure to get sizing information for any t-shirts earned.

EDIT: I wanted to address the "Money Leaves" badges Daisies can earn here. Girl Scouts requires that the leaves be split by year, meaning one set of two leaves the first year of Daisies, and the second set the second year. You can find more information on the leaves here

And don't forget the Cookie Sale Activity Pin:

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