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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Holiday Bingo

Taking a break from Daisy- or Junior-specific info to post a just for fun free printable Bingo set!

I was tired of all the bingo sets you have to BUY (because the free downloads are usually just one card. Which is no fun, because then everyone yells "BINGO!" at the same time).

So here are the ones I made. Hope they work! Please note, all the images were either free clipart I found online, or I made it. Print out however many cards you need. I believe there are 24. I'll include some "spares" at the bottom, which is what I printed off and cut out to use for the Bingo caller to draw from.

The easiest way to download these is from my File Cabinet page. Simple click the Download button by each file, then unzip it to view. If you cannot unzip them, or have issues, you can download each page individually below.










The above cards are to print out for the kids. I laminated mine so they could be re-used in the future.

These last two are the Caller's cards. There are some duplicate images (tree, snowman) so just discard those when you print it out. I was in a rush. ;)

Next up? No clue! I've been crazy busy! Will post some fabulous things over winter break, hopefully.


  1. OMG...THANK YOU!!!! I had the same issue when searching for Bingo games!

  2. You're so welcome! Happy to help. :)


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