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Monday, August 26, 2013

Getting Started with Brownies Part Two -- Uniforms

This template is for First Year (2nd Graders) Brownies. I can create a template for Second Year (3rd Graders) and/or for sash if there's a request.

We're recommending our parents go with the vest rather than the sash, because we tend to end up with a lot of fun patches, and there isn't enough room on the sash for what we have planned. Also, I'm concerned the insignia tab (ribbon) might end up lost, since they're not fastened on the sash itself, but the accompanying shirt.

We are not recommending the full uniform, however (skort, etc.). That's optional. Just the vest for us. You can, of course, do it however it best fits the needs of your kids and troop. :)

Then I also made a pricing list for the parents:

Regular Vest - $17.25
Plus-Sized Vest - $18.25
Insignia Tab (brown ribbon pin) - $2.50
Troop Numbers # # # # # @ $1.25 each - $6.25 total
American Flag - $1.75
Brownie Membership Pin - $1.50
Council ID Patch Set - $4.00
World Trefoil Pin (or can use last year's from Daisies) - $2.25 (regular) or $4.75 (gold-plated)
Gold Membership Star (optional, returning Daisies only) $1.00
2013 Cookie Sales Pin (optional, returning Daisies only) $1.15
100 Years of GS Pin (optional – limited quantity – Council shop only; not available online) $1.80

We are purchasing the Rainbow patch (as part of our Bridging to Brownies), and providing the membership discs for past Daisies. You add the membership discs and stars AFTER a year has been completed, but they carry over to the next uniform. Since our girls were Daisies last year, during the 100th Anniversary, I was able to find the additional discs celebrating this and picked them up for super cheap at our Council shop. They go between the blue disc and star. This is, of course, optional.

Parents should not purchase the Brownie discs nor stars unless this is the second year of Brownies for your troop (because again, these aren't added to uniforms until the end of the year. Many troops incorporate these in their end-of-the-year ceremonies).

Cookie Sale pins are awarded after Cookies are sold/at end of the year. 

Next up, planning your agenda for the year!


  1. You know I did GSs with my older ones in the early 2000s and we did the membership stars at the end of the year. Always heard thats when to give them. I recently was one of the leader for another troop. We decided that since the girls sign up and pay to join GSs for a year... we would give them the pin at the beginning of the year. Because even if they move away (happens a lot as we are military) they are still a registered GS for the entire year.

    1. I'm so glad you pointed that out! When I wrote this early post, I had been told by our council that membership stars were given at the end of the year. When I wrote a later, updated post (including membership stars), I corrected that, but completely forgot to do so here. Thanks for pointing it out! Here is a link to the more recent (and correct) information: http://troopleadermom.blogspot.com/2014/07/brownies-daisies-and-beyond-vests-vs.html

  2. Is there a way to edit this sheet you made? There are a couple things I'd like to change or cut out but overall its a great document so I'd love to use it.

    1. Lol and I'd also like to add in our troop number on the computer instead of printing it out and writing it in. Yeah I'm all "un-tech saavy" like that ;)

    2. Do you have Photoshop? That is what I use to make the templates. You could go old school and type in replacements on a blank sheet of paper, print this one out, cover the bits you want changed, scan it, and save it. That seems awfully incovenient though. Perhaps just download the vest graphic from Google (images), type up your document in whatever word program you use and insert the image there. Sorry this one doesn't work for you. :(

    3. Oh no I love this one. I'll probably just make the changes the old fashioned way then scan it back in so I can have it online. No big changes... I'll see if I have photoshop. Thank you!!

  3. Can you provide the full uniform picture for juniors?


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