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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Daisies: Red Petal

When it came to our troop earning Daisy petals, I'd planned on going in order (so we'd follow the petals' meanings as they're connected to the GS Law). Then a great opportunity arose, and even though it rearranged my plans, I jumped on it!

Always take advantage of any offers for help. It takes some burden off you, the Troop Leader, and also gives the girls a different experience.

I hadn't given the red petal much thought, honestly, because I assumed it wasn't on the agenda for a good while. But one of our wonderful Volunteer moms is a nursing student, and had a recent assignment to instruct a group on health and nutrition. The red petal is for being Courageous and Strong. Great! Yes, please! Come and instruct! (And let me sit and relax a few minutes with the girls, and learn something new, as well.)

This was a great example of using whatever resources we have access to, including people (don't rely on your local Council or Service Unit. Be willing to network, talk to your moms about what experience they have, or people they may know, and talk to other troop leaders who may have suggestions as well). So I asked her when she'd be available, and we set it up tout suite. Thus, blue petal got bumped from this meeting, and we'll start up on it the next time.

We did our regular troop activities (see this post), including some Journey coloring pages, and then I introduced her to the girls. I reminded the girls to be polite and quiet and listen very carefully. I did have to stand behind her at one point and raise my hand, to quiet the girls. They raised their hands and shushed. I sat back down; the speaker continued. (Note: Next time remind any guest speakers about the raise-hand-for-quiet trick.)

After involving the girls in questions about what healthy foods are, she talked to us about types of foods for meals, and portions too. (Did you know you shouldn't eat a piece of meat that is bigger than your fist? I did not know that!)

She brought in plastic play food (from her own kids' stash, I'm sure), and some handouts for the girls, as well as coloring pages from this site.

She passed out plastic plates for the girls to use, and had them select different foods to put on the plates, to represent portions of healthy foods. (She snuck in some play desserts as well, so the girls had to think. Sneaky! I loved it.) They had a great time working together in groups (that they formed themselves, just several at two tables), and were very proud of their plates.

Afterward, I told them what their main take-home activity for earning their red petal would be: They had to take THREE BIG BITES of a new, healthy food. It could be something they've never had, or something they haven't had in a long time, because your tastes can change. It could be one big bite of three different foods, etc.

Our guest speaker wrapped up her presentation, and by then it was time to clean up and head out! We did our Daisy circle, gentle squeezes, happy words, and headed out.

And so here's what I sent home with them (edited slightly for privacy):

Another meeting accomplished! Another good time. :) Now a bit of rest, then off to prepare for the blue petal for next time. . . .

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